Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Did you know, that any word with "lib" in it (liberty, liberal, libertarian, liberation, ad lib...) refers to freedom (it's Latin, darlin' :D)? Don't you find it ironic (and all the more proof that liberals are liars), that those on the "left" consider themselves "liberals"??? They abhor freedom! They think we, the American people, are a bunch of ignorant rednecks who can't be trusted to make decisions for ourselves (particularly with regards to the use of our own money, where to go for healthcare, what to drive...). If it were up to liberal politicians (and thanks to Americans, who really have made themselves look like ignoramuses, for voting in one of the most liberal senators into the White House), they wouldn't let us even wipe our own... butts... (which reminds me, who willingly and proudly lets themselves be represented by an ass anyway? All the more proof Democrats know exactly who they are and are NOT simply blissfully ignorant... but I digress...). While I most definitely am a "conservative", I consider myself a Libertarian rather than a Republican, because the core of my political beliefs (and my religious beliefs, as well) is FREEDOM. LIBeration. But not the freedom FROM certain things (responsibility, law, etc) but the freedom TO DO certain things (wipe my own... Democrat... for one, manage my own money, decide where to get my healthcare and what kind of car I want to drive - be it a gas guzzling beast or a "eco-friendly" POS). I am a true liberal, and "liberals" are just lying... donkeys.

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