Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yet we still die...

I was just thinking today about those who believe that one no longer has "original sin" if one is baptized. Being a Confessional Lutheran (or a true "catholic," if you will), I naturally know this to be false doctrine, and I will prove it to be false. Rome (i.e the "Catholic" church) asserts that we only need confess willful sins, since original sin has been dealt with by baptism and no longer exists in each one of us. This is false, and here's how I know it ('drum roll please')... if that were the case, baptized believers would not die, for the consequence of original sin is physical death. If original sin no longer existed, you wouldn't die. You would simply live on, confessing and repenting of each willful sin unto eternity. That would suck. I rest my case.

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